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Upcoming Projects

The heart of Tel Aviv, the White City, the Old North, Raanana, Ramat Gan… After years of construction, renovation, and preservation of buildings in the most highly sought-after locations in the most desirable cities. Past experience has already shown that when we find the next big location, we are never wrong. Brace yourself for a residential experience like nothing the city has ever seen before. We are here.

13 Avtalyon, Ramat Gan- Marketing Begins: 4/2017
24 HaGefen, Ramat Gan - Marketing Begins: 4/2017
18 Rokach, Ramat Gan- Marketing Begins: 4/2017

1-3 Choni HaMaagel, Tel Aviv- Marketing Begins: 4/2016
2 Rav Tzair, Tel Aviv- Marketing Begins: 7/2016

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