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Honi HaMe’agel 1-3 complex

Nestled in the green, quiet, and pastoral area that borders Ibn Gabirol Street, surrounded by courtyards and beautiful gardens, the luxurious Honi HaMe’agel 1-3 complex is being prepared just for you.

These two boutique buildings, designed for people who consider high quality of life their top priority, emphasize the small yet significant details that create a truly perfect residential experience.

The buildings’ design blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment, and maintains the simplicity and cleanliness that are characteristic of the international architectural style. Inspiration is taken from the original homes that were built in the neighborhood, which led to Tel Aviv being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The interior design maximizes the use of space, with luxuriously premium specifications, large doors and windows that let in the natural light, views, and sounds of the outdoors, and large balconies immersed in nature. The spectacular outdoor scenery complements the beautiful front garden, designed by a leading landscape architect. Choose from spacious 3-bedroom apartments with balconies, and luxurious penthouses that overlook the park, avenues, and everything amazing about the big city.

Assaf Shiloh, Shiloh Architects

Honi HaMe’agel 1-3 will include additions to existing apartments, including safe rooms and balconies, as well as strengthening the building in the event of earthquakes, providing general renovations, and expanding the parking lot to include an automatic underground garage for the tenants. Another 1.5 floors will be added to each building, resulting in six new apartments.

The architectural design was inspired by a sense of respect for the existing structure, and a desire to renovate it and give it new life. Simplicity, cleanliness, and emphasizing the development of the site and integration of advanced systems, resulted in a cohesive architectural unit.

The plan for the new apartments was primarily intended to create a comfortable living environment that precisely meets the residents’ needs.

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